SBW Book

The Nature of Change

Shamanic Breathwork

In the summertime of 2021, I received a message from Linda StarWolf

inviting me to write a chapter in this epic book of personal transformation and step into the medicine of becoming a published international author. 

The book is now a reality!

published on Amazon at Equinox 21. of March 2022

Chapter 14

A Journey into the Great Mystery

Leaping through the portal of Death 

By Freyiia Milléh

As promised at the end of my chapter...

- you can here join me on an inner guided journey through the Portal of Death.

But first, you have to be ready to step into this energy with me!

First of all:

Read the chapter!


You can watch this little intro video, before taking the journey with me!

The journey...

A personal sharing from my Facebook page...

Alright… it is actually happening!!

Last summer I received a message from StarWolf - the founder of Shamanic Breathwork. She invited me to write a chapter in a new international book about Shamanic Breathwork. A book that gathers 25 amazing authentic stories from around the World, about our personal inner healing journeys of transformation.

Pheew… I just had to sit with that one :)

Because yes, I for sure am willing to tell my personal stories… I have done that many times now. BUT up until this point I have only shared me and my medicine in the danish language. Now, this invitation popped in, and I knew the Universe once again was showing me my next step on my soul path. I have never felt any desire to speak to an international circle, but something bigger has already made those plans for me,  And yes… I KNOW… I feel it… I just had to go through my own resistance and move out of yet another comfort zone.

The day I had to commit to the project - or not, I sat in nature with a cup of Sacred Cacao, and a red Dragonfly joined me. It stayed with me for 30 minutes until I pressed the button and gave my commitment to write this chapter. Now the book is a reality and is being published on Amazon this coming equinox - 21st of March 2022. I can then call myself a published international author …and I have a feeling that this is just the beginning of a new expansive adventure

Thank you StarWolf and

Brave Healer Productions

for co-creating this amazing book

of shared wisdom.

With love and dragonflies in my belly